Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vista WTF: Whats wrong with Previous Versions?

Mac OS X Leopard has officially launched, so I think its time for us to see some important difference on some similar features both MS and Apple has implemented, and why again Vista sucks on this area. This time I would start with time machine and previous versions. Both Vista's previous versions and Apple's Time Machine are indeed doing unattended snapshot backup. But what makes things different is the customer brain behind these technologies. Lets see how that differs here:

1. Apple is clever enough to make the backup schedule as follows:
a. First day changes are backed up once ever hour, then it goes to once a day, once a week, depending on file creation timeline. That is very logical because when you first create the file, its usually the most busy time for you to modify the file and which naturally, its the most likely time to make mistakes. Vista one simply just do it once a day, and the documentation even shamelessly stated your changes within the same day are not going to be captured.
b. Time machine allows you to plug in a USB drive as the backup store, then it quietly backup everything into the drive until full, recycle. There is no way for you to configure where you want to store the shadow copy images, you are forced to make 15% free spaces available from your same drive in order to use shadow copy.
c. Vista shadow copies does not allow you to choose what to be covered in the backup, it assumes everything. Time machine is more flexible- you can do everything, or per folder. Vista backup is even more shameful- it takes away the originally working Veritas based backup utility and make something called -simple- backup. You can just select the type of files you want (only a group, not even an extension), no path selection, check everything results in a horrible huge backup, uncheck Additional Files basically ignores near 50% (could be more) of your developer files (.aspx, compiled build object file and executables, you name it) Stupid sound simplicity solution (see my Defrag comments, I think they are from same brain)

MS, please, for your mercy, give me back a workable backup utility. I paid for Ultimate, and I am not expecting Ultimate painful experience on backup.

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